Trimble Construction One

6 Ways Trimble Construction One software will help your business.

In your contracting business, have you heard comments like these?

  • “How are we doing on the Jones project? I think we’re under-billing, but I can’t tell from this spreadsheet.”
  • “Fred, we got killed the last time we bid a job like this. Maybe we need to take a closer look at our labor estimates.”
  • “We’re ready to finish the job, as soon as I get approval on my purchase orders.”
  • “Where is that #!!^&! receipt for the materials? I thought I put it in the truck console!”
  • “Well, I didn’t include equipment costs because I have no idea what they are.”

These are a few tell-tale signs your company may need a modern construction management system. For any business owner, that’s a big decision. Will the payoffs be worth the investment of time and money?

For most contractors trying to ramp up growth and improve profitability, the answer is a loud “Yes!”

Let’s examine six ways construction software can make your business more successful.

  1. Access all the vital information in one place.

You may have lot of disjointed information scattered among various systems and file folders. This situation breeds double handling of data, delays, and errors. As a result, it’s almost impossible to get a complete, accurate picture of project status, profitability, or cash flow.

Trimble Construction One software eliminates time wasted trying to find information. Now all pertinent project information can be found in one place where key operations are connected, not siloed.

With all billing, estimating, accounting, equipment, materials and project information in one system, you’ll have smooth workflows and timely, uniformly accurate data. Everyone gains immense visibility into the information they need to excel in their jobs.

  1. Know where every project stands, every day.

On lengthy projects, spreadsheets won’t provide an accurate handle on where you stand financially in real time. How do you know mid-stream if you are still making money on the project? What you billed may not reflect accurately what you should have collected at this point. We can help you set up the platform to avoid surprises; it’s powerful work-in-progress capabilities will give you accurate, up-to-date information. You can keep the project on track and on budget from start to finish.

Trimble Construction One enables contractors to see project data in real-time, so they always know where they stand—and can spot emerging issues and problems in time to remain profitable

  1. Slash paperwork.

Are your workflows time- and paper-intensive? Are people often waiting for reports, documents, or receipts?

If so, paperwork and homegrown processes are impairing the financial health of the business and severely limiting its ability to grow. We understand the potential consequences: Errors, delays, redundant entry of information, inaccessible information, slower revenue, and lack of management insights are all factors that, directly or indirectly, incur costs and erode profitability.

Trimble Construction One enables you to choose the components that serve you best saving time and money by automating cumbersome, error-prone manual processes. Watch the papers disappear from desks and trucks!

  1. Streamline how your team works and communicates.

Does it take a lot of back-and-forth calls, texts, and emails to get anything done?

To run a construction business efficiently, you need to assure a speedy flow of accurate information between job sites and the office staff. If you’re working with a hodge-podge of manual processes and clunky systems, you’ll inevitably have costly errors and delays. Paul is waiting for Pam, who is waiting for the next spreadsheet. Fred is at the job site and doesn’t have access to crucial information at the office. And John still can’t find that receipt he left in the truck.

With your Trimble software, you’ll have the platform to improve collaboration and data sharing between office and field personnel. You’ll also gain improved project visibility and greater control.

  1. Bid smarter, win more business, and avoid surprises.

If your bids are sometimes followed by cost overruns, it’s time to upgrade your estimating processes. Trimble Construction One software bases estimates on real construction data. This makes construction estimating easier, more accurate, and more profitable.

With construction-specific estimating capabilities, you’ll be collecting accurate data throughout every project—and then using that information to stay on track. Plus, basing your estimates on your own collected data means you can continually refine your estimates to gain a competitive edge when you’re bidding on future projects.

  1. Seamlessly add equipment costs to your bids.

If your firm routinely uses expensive equipment in projects, how are you performing equipment management functions?  With Trimble software, you can connect equipment costs directly to your construction projects. By accurately tracking equipment costs for every project, you’ll be assured those costs are automatically captured in your billing. This enhances profitability and makes estimating future projects easier and more accurate.

Let’s summarize—and add a few more.

With truly connected cloud based construction software, you’ll reduce manual processes, cut errors, streamline communications, and improve project profitability. You’ll gain visibility and insights into the financial health of the business. Collaboration between the office personnel and people in the field will improve greatly, reducing costs and raising productivity.

Invoices, purchase orders, estimates, work-in-process reports, and even drawings can be accessed by the people who need them, when they need them, from any location and with virtually any mobile device.

Moreover, as your business grows, your construction management software gives you built-in scalability. You’ll be able to take on more business without proportionate increases in staffing.

Everyone—especially younger workers—appreciates having tools to work smarter and more efficiently, without the frustration of tedious manual processes. In addition to the scalability benefit, you’ll see human resource benefits, too:  Less hiring efforts, less turnover, and higher employee retention—because the people already working for you feel more empowered and more valued.

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